EQ Highways to Success 3.001

The Six Houses of Emotions above are adapted from Adele Lynne book, The EQ Difference. Use this chart in your home and class to assist children develop the Emotional Literacy necessary to express their emotions using words.

Ei Six Families JPEG.028

Success – depends on generating a high self-value while setting high expectations.

EQ Highways to Success 3.027

This requires an EXCEL approach.

EQ Highways to Success 2.001



Zip the Crocodile

A great joy to address a gathering of interested people in Somerset West on Thursday evening.


Learning to teach children how to make their Survival Brain (the crocodile) feel safe and their Elephant (Limbic brain) feel a sense of belonging, helps them to gain access into their pre-frontal cortex, the CEO of our lives.

The full presentation is below.  Click on the PDF below

Croc Ele CEO (1)