Had the honour to present at the EDEN and CENTRAL Karoo Education District conference on DIVERSITY: “Schools – A Home for All”.

What an amazing group of educators and model leaders who are moving and shaking education in the province.

We got them dancing, moving and applying brain-based education in order to understand how important it is to create a space where students are SAFE and have a sense of BELONGING.

A summary of the presentation is below.  Please click on the PDF link.

PDF LINK: Empathy & Belonging 2018

Afternoon Express SABC3

gavin keller 2 - ep 227

Afternoon Express catches up with the Sun Valley Primary principal with a no-homework policy.

When we think of school, we usually think of homework. However, one school in Cape Town is adopting a no-homework policy and the results have been fantastic. We speak to Gavin Keller, the principal at Sun Valley Primary whose new policy asks learners to spend 20 minutes after school to read a novel or graphic novel and homework would not be set.

The idea is that school sometimes forces children to forget what’s fun about being a kid. This is why there is a strong focus on extracurricular activities which create the much-needed break from theoretics that learners go through every day.


EQ Highways to Success 3.001

The Six Houses of Emotions above are adapted from Adele Lynne book, The EQ Difference. Use this chart in your home and class to assist children develop the Emotional Literacy necessary to express their emotions using words.

Ei Six Families JPEG.028

Success – depends on generating a high self-value while setting high expectations.

EQ Highways to Success 3.027

This requires an EXCEL approach.

EQ Highways to Success 2.001



Zip the Crocodile

A great joy to address a gathering of interested people in Somerset West on Thursday evening.


Learning to teach children how to make their Survival Brain (the crocodile) feel safe and their Elephant (Limbic brain) feel a sense of belonging, helps them to gain access into their pre-frontal cortex, the CEO of our lives.

The full presentation is below.  Click on the PDF below

Croc Ele CEO (1)