Think outside of the Box


Had the great joy of presenting at the SAOU School Leadership Team training.

I challenged leaders to base their leadership on Mind Brain Education Science research and not bureaucratic compliance – for the sake of our clients – the children of South Africa.

A lot of the presentation is based on the stunning world of Prof Michael Fullan (expert in System Change) , Dr Tracey Tacuhama-Espinosa (Neuroscientist) and Prof Pasi Sahlsberg (Policy Advisor in Finland).

If school leaders continue to play the Compliance Game at the cost of children, we will have a disaster.  We have to Engage the World – to Change the World. The best place to make it happen is …. in the schools – our Circle of Influence!

Click on the link below for the PDF version of the Key slides of the presentation.

Think out of the BOX SAOU June 2019  (PDF)

Outstanding Article by Dr Eric Jensen that he shared on his blog recently.  Worth reading. Click on the PDF Link below


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