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gavin keller 2 - ep 227

Afternoon Express catches up with the Sun Valley Primary principal with a no-homework policy.

When we think of school, we usually think of homework. However, one school in Cape Town is adopting a no-homework policy and the results have been fantastic. We speak to Gavin Keller, the principal at Sun Valley Primary whose new policy asks learners to spend 20 minutes after school to read a novel or graphic novel and homework would not be set.

The idea is that school sometimes forces children to forget what’s fun about being a kid. This is why there is a strong focus on extracurricular activities which create the much-needed break from theoretics that learners go through every day.

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  1. Hi Gavin. Thank you for you fantastic session on Saterday in George. Everything you said make so much sence. Where can I get hold of that train whistle?
    Gerhard Haupt
    Principal Olympic School of Skills

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